Tiramisu, Palm Desert CA

Discussion created by anadyr on Jan 16, 2012

The funny thing is, sometimes there are moments when the stars align and it all works out.  Driving down El Paseo we happened upon a catering truck with driven by a jovial Italian gentleman from Palermo, named Mario.  He is the owner/chef at this restaurant, Trattoria Tiramisu, and an excellent cook.  His staples are pure southern Italian with a few nods to the northern style.  At dinner last night we shared an appetizer of Cioppino, which was as good as any I have ever had, filled with seafood and shellfish, and in a perfect tomatey broth. As a test I asked him if he could make me a Fettucini Puttanesca, one of those dishes that warm the soul on a Winter evening.  He agreed though it was not on the menu.  Mrs had Scallops and Linguine, which was superb.  All in all, a great experence and a great meal.  The place was packed even for a Sunday evening.  If you're ever in the desert try Tiramisu, you will not be disappointed.