When will Marriott stop taking benefits away?

Discussion created by carolinacouple on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by communitymanagers

Seems every time we find something we enjoy to spend our hard-earned points on Marriott takes it away.


Like all-inclusive - October 17th - gone.


Like the 4 course dinner, well they change it to three, then they eliminate, but you can now spend 22,000 points (previously 20,000) for a $100 gift card...


Want to travel for 4 days to the same resort, okay, but you don't save on points any more...


We purchased a Marriott timeshare since we are Platinum Premier, but I am not sure that was a good plan since now they want to convert everything to points.


They have roll-over nights, but who can even understand what they are doing, last night we had 92 roll-over nights, this morning it was reduced to 47 without explanation.


Very disappointing since we have been loyal to Marriott for so many years.