I nominate Javier T. of Marriott Bayview, Newport Beach, CA

Discussion created by cmanderson on Jan 16, 2012
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Javier T. is much more than the morning chef at the Marriott Bayview in Newport Beach, California: He is the best possible ambassador for the Marriott brand -- and he makes the best omelets on Earth! Javier engages each guest with conversation and, if  you are a frequent guest to his hotel, he remembers you, your family, and your breakfast preferences. We have been returning to his Marriott for over a decade and never miss the breakfast buffet, largely so we can see Javier again. For family birthdays and Father's Day, we've been known to make the long drive down to Newport Beach just to celebrate the day with a Javier-cooked breakfast.  Javier has become a friend, not just an employee at a hotel we frequent. His skills, personality, and dedication to his job more than qualify him for a Spirit to Serve Award.