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Discussion created by profchiara on Jan 14, 2012
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I think the huge -- really huge, please note, Marriott -- number of posts about diminishing service in Concierge Lounges (in the US only, it seems) about breakfast, CL days open, and compensation for missed breakfasts when the CL is not open has raised a major loyalty issue.  As I stated earlier I simply will not stay at a Marriott that does not offer me weekend breakfast either in the CL or restaurant.  Since I don't stay often here in the US it's rarely an issue, but an added insult considering how well I'm treated abroad and in Canada.  I am a loyal Marriott member not because the service has gotten better (it most certainly has not) but because I value the perks, whether it be free nights or in many cases, most importantly, the CL.


Consider my most recent example in Chicago.  I had two breakfasts in four days at the Chicago Marriott (for which I have still not been credited points or nights) and its CL two of them.  Then it was closed for the weekend.  I had a minimalist breakfast in their Harvest Restaurant that cost me $26 on Saturday.  $25 is my per diem allowed by my college.


I believe that especially since there are economic indicators that show the economy MAY be turning around, Marriott needs to reconsider seriously this fairly new policy of closing CL's in the US on weekends and not giving comparable breakfasts as in done in Europe at the hotel restaurant (or at the very least a continental buffet breakfast).


I doubt I am alone in saying that there are a lot of options out there.  I found one just recently with free wifi, free breakfast, suite, etc. all for 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of what a Marriott would have cost me in a more centrally located area.


Would the Community Manager please reply to these increasingly huge numbers of comments about diminishing rewards and especially unavailability of CL or breakfasts on weekends, at least in the US?  It seems to me the EU is in a whole lot worse shape economically than the US, but Marriotts keep providing hospitality to their best guests there.  Are we as US citizens second citizens?  The loyalty business truly is a two-way street, as Randy Petersen has so often pointed out.  Despite their nickle and diming of 'regular passengers,' airlines are doing a pretty good job of recognizing their high-flying members.  Should Marriott do less when all its competition is offering to comp status?  (And I've gotten that comped status.)


Please, Marriott, listen to us. The breakfast issue has generated enormous numbers of comments, yet all we get is a request for another poll? It won't affect me as much as other Insiders since I stay about 1-2 times a year at a Marriott in the US (but you can bet it will be at a Residence Inn next time I have to) but usually abroad.  This is BAD BUSINESS POLICY.