Fungus on Breakfast Bagel at a Marriott Residence Inn!

Discussion created by ksinghal on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2012 by anadyr

This is very serious in my opinion. 


I have been staying at a Residence Inn in the state IL for almost a year now... I completed about 300 nights in 2011.


Early Jan this year, my wife picked up breakfast from the lounge and got it to our room over a weekend and believe me not, I was just about to eat that bagel and I notice a green dot on the bagel and I look at it closely and there is fungus on the Bagel! I am so glad I noticed it before I ate it.... it was the worst experience in my opinion!


I am not sure how many guests would have had breakfast that morning and would not have noticed that and ended up in the ER or something!


I was very dissapointed, I did bring that bagel to the front desk and the GM was there and he took the bagel and heled me with some fresh bread instead! But this in my opinion in a serious health threat!!!  


I am never having breakfast again at a Marriott property!! At least not at this one for sure!!