Key West Marriott...very disappointing!

Discussion created by mgoes2 on Jan 10, 2012
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Just returned from 3 nights at the Key West Marriott.  This hotel is a category 7...really????!!!  I used points and feel quite ripped off!!!


The architecture, room size, etc. aren't much better than a Motel 6.  First of all, the layout and design of this property is horrible.  On the ocean, but it appears that very few rooms have a view of it.  Ours had a view of a wall, with the echoing sounds of highway traffic outside our window.  How romantic!


While the style of the furniture is updated, the quality is poor.  It looks nice, just don't sit on it.  The bed comfort was so-so.  The room was VERY small, but the bathroom was large and probably the best feature.  I have such trouble believing that this is a category 7 property.  The location is right on a major highway, you can't see the beach from the restaurant, the pool area is okay...but not great like other Marriott's I've stayed in.


Another major problem was the electricity kept shorting out and our internet connection was deemed unfixable.  Unfortunately, I was in meetings most of the day and my husband wasn't up to raising a big fuss over the situation after multiple attempts at repairs.  If I wasn't so tired at the end of the day, I would have been complaining...but gosh, I thought hotels were supposed to take care of problems...not wait until a guest raises hell for them to be remedied.  Especially as a platinum member, I expected at least to have them move us to another room if the electricity and internet weren't working.  No such offer was made...we just had to endure 3 days of loud traffic, drunk guests screaming at 3:00 AM with no attempt by management to deal with it, no internet and half of the outlets not working.


It should also be noted that this hotel is far from Duval Street, restaurants and other areas visitors might enjoy. There is a hotel shuttle, but I felt staff discouraged us from using it.  Saying it would only be able to drop off and pick up in an area that was not convenient for my needs.