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Confused - "Calendar Year"

Question asked by ninomad on Jan 10, 2012
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I signed up to Marriott Rewards originally in 2009, but started staying there in ernest in September 2011.   Marriott Rewards said my account was "temporary" and never "activated" (first I'd heard of either of these things) so I lost whatever points I'd accumulated. 


They said they would credit them back if I could contact the hotel and get invoices but frankly I don't see why I should have to do the chasing and don't have that much confidence that should I do all that they'd actually honour it, based on my other experiences with the call centre.


However this is all background - what I'm confused about is that I expected my "Nights Stayed" to reset to 0 on 1st Jan as I thought the nights counted per "Calendar Year", but in the new year my account was still showing the 27 I've accumulated between September and December last year.  Then I get an email today saying I've "0 nights this year",  but logging into my account online still shows 27 nights... so which is it and when will my year end?