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Discussion created by anadyr on Jan 9, 2012
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Well the new year has begun and my first check-in experience is as always interesting, and at times funny:


Me:  I have a reservation (insert my name here)


Associate:  Hi, see that you're here for 14 nights, and I just need a credit card for incidentals.  (wow, a free room even though I am paying for the room and not using points!)


Me:  OK, here's the card--I hand it over. 


Associate:  Oh yeah, I need to see your ID, no wait, it says "do not ask for ID" on your reservation.  No ID then.


Looking at my wife and I Associate says:  How many keys?  How many vehicle passes?  (two would be my guess for keys, one for autos)


Associate:  Thanks, your room is ready, bye.



So what is wrong with this?


  1. No acknowledgement of Platinum Premier status, or even that I was a multi-stay former guest.
  2. No series of following check in requirement rules, including verification of ID.
  3. Seeming inability on the part of the Associate to concentrate on me as the guest.


It was that kind of day, since at In'N'Out Burger en route to the hotel the worker asked after I ordered two milkshakes, "would you like onions with that?"  We both laughed