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Getting an upgrade - any advice?

Question asked by grabba on Jan 10, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by anadyr

I just (last friday) got my lifetime Platinum awarded, I've been waiting for that to hit before I start chasing this particular upgrade.


This spring break I'm taking the family (wife and 2 kids 11, and 2) to Thailand for 18 nights.  Will be staying at 3 Marriott properties all on points.  


Our primary resort we will be staying at for 10 nights and thus I'm very keen to ensure the best upgrade possible.  It will be high season so I'm hoping the property will be full in their basic rooms and thus give me a better chance at scoring something really nice but I'd also not leave it totally to chance if at all possible.


I'd seen previous threads on members reaching out to the GM or concierge onsite to lock in an upgrade (either free or paid) and I was wondering if anyone had previously had any experience in doing this and could offer any pointers of how to approach the discussion?


I've already tracked down the email addresses for the Hotel manager and Concierge and will be reaching out to them shortly.


Any advice or tales of your own experiences in doing this will be much appreciated.