Elite Front Desk at NYC Marquis - tough job;  Farida makes it look easy!

Discussion created by imagrits on Jan 9, 2012
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After 20+ years as a Rewards member, I continue to be astonished at the attitude of some Elites.  The expectations, demands, and attitudes I have seen are unbelievable....especially at premiere properties such as the NYC Marriott Marquis.  Every Elite wants an upgrade, a Times Square View, early check-in - the list seems endless, and many are rude and almost abusive if they don't receive their request.  ((My personal favorites are those who want an early check-in AND a late check-out - at no charge of course!). The desk is busy, there is often a line, some of these discussions seem endless - and yet there is one agent that always seems to have a smile for each new person approaching her - Farida A. 


I am not sure how she does it, but her patience seems endless, as does her courtesy with all customers.  What I find particularly amazing is her memory....I have probably only stayed in the hotel 10 times over the last 4 years - and yet she recognizes me by name always.  In a hotel as busy as this one, I certainly would not be considered "a regular" - yet I feel one when she is working and checks me in!  When one travels over a hundred nights a year, a genuine smile of welcome means so much!


I have seen reviews where this hotel is rated poorly for the staff, for not being welcoming to Elites - I cannot agree. There is no other choice for me when I stay in NYC - all due to Farida's efforts that make me feel welcome!  She embodies what a desk agent should be - and is the epitome of "Spirit to Serve".


Thank you Farida!