Speed of WIFI.....Free vs. Paid

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Jan 8, 2012
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My recent venture into the rare air of full service hotels found me facing the choice of "free" wifi or "fast" wifi . My Platinum status earned me the "free" benny. I do like that. I really dislike the idea of paying for a service that has become a given in most any other locale. I was not aware that the "free" wifi was, oh so painfully, slow wifi. I was offered, at $14.95 per day, the "fast" wifi, but alas, my sensibilities would not allow my to pay a single dime for this service. I sat in front of my Dell computer agonizing while websites gradually were made usable. I now know what you full servicers have been complaining about and feel your pain. I will share that in most of the FFI, SHS, RI, and TPS that I frequent, wifi speed is never an issue.