Kendrall K @ Marriott ATL NW

Discussion created by iztok on Jan 7, 2012
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I really don't like to single out a person at that property as all are just fantastic in my opinion but Kendrall K is a step above rest. She works at front desk and always makes sure my room is where I like it (high/top floor, away from the noise/elevator facing South). I usually send her my reservation number(s) in email ahead of time or just give them to her at one of my stays and she pre-books the room for me. There is just something special when you can call the property a "home away from home". Kendrall K is really just the tip of the iceberg and whole organization is top notch. It shows that GM Frank empowers his employees to go above and beyond for their guests. Pati, Fred, and Linda are just some of the other people there that come to mind as well.


Simply said this is my "home away from home" and I love it!