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Is there a better associate than Lillian T?

Question asked by twalltimo on Jan 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2012 by communitymanagers

I held an event recently at the Washington Marriott. During the past 10 years I have averaged between 12-15 events a year at Marriott properties throughout the country, Lillian T. was without a doubt the best Marriott Associate I have ever worked with! From the time our group arrived when Lillian T. met us outside at the bus in a pouring rain until we departed the property at 5 am two days later, Lillian T. made us feel as though we were the ONLY customers in the hotel! Her attention to detail, and her concern that we had everything we needed to have a successful event reached a level that I had not experienced previously. Certainly other associates were outstanding representatives of Marriott, but Lillian T had that "something extra" that sets her apart. I always felt that her interest and concern were truly genuine. I could just feel it! Nothing was too small to escape her personal attention. I have always been a "Marriott person". Lillian T has ensured that Marriott, and the Washington Marriott will ALWAYS be my hotel of choice whenever I or any of my family or friends travel to Washington D.C.