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Question asked by anadyr on Jan 6, 2012
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Current System (Points)
No Points
What You Get NowWhat You Would Get if there were NO Points in Marriott Rewards
Earn points with stays (ten points per dollar or more is using the MR Visa card)Status and stay frequency trumps, no points given (Marriott keeps track of your loyalty for you, always recognized at check in) at checkout.
Upgrades uncertainUpgrades to be guaranteed, based on your level of achievement versus that of other  status holders at time of check in--might be guaranteed 24 hours in advance sometimes, or a lot.
Megabonus, other points earning venuesNo special earnings, no points, but free nights based on stay frequency and Elite level
Chance to buy merchandiseDiscontinued
Alliances with airlines for miles rather than pointsCould continue, but without points to trade, seems to a thing of the past
Points equal nights, can use for things or nights (subject to categories of hotel chosen)Status, Stay frequency would allow for nights to be earned on a ten per one basis (or some other formula)  Categories of hotels discontinued
Bottom LineBottom Line
You get points, you spend points, you take your chances on upgradesYou stay, get rewarded with upgrades more often, have free nights credited based on your stay frequency, and smile a lot more


points.gif.jpgOK, here is my point (no, or all  puns intended).


We remain loyal because of the perks we get, even if they seem to be less frequent.  But a points earning system is not as efficient or rewarding as the Stepping Stones Pointless Rewards System (SSPRS) aboveWhy not give us the things we want at the time we check in, including upgrades and status recongition instead of a future promise of points sent to an account to be redeemed later? 


Cut out that middleman, the points, and give us a reward at the time we show up!


Just my musings on a Friday night in January before a long, very long Status-enhancing Marriott trip!


Comments, suggestions, critiques, agreements, disagreements?