Camelback Inn, "Cancelled!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Jan 5, 2012
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After all the inconsistencies that have surfaced on this property, The Professor, SS(NYC), Jasper and others, why do I want to spend $500 a night for seven nights and NOT even know if I am going to get a nice room.  With a loved on, after flying all day, I do not want to have happen to me what happened to another traveler last year, who was told his lousy room was the only one available.  The other thing they want to charge $25 extra per day for 2 hours of bike riding, kids meals, and preferred tee times.  All of which I do not do!


"When you have to worry about something, you don't need it"!  I am going to go with what I know, a two br suite at a RI (For about 1/2 the price), full kitchen ( I like to sometimes cook), and a full breakfast, I can bring back to my peaceful room.  My recent experiences were so good at RI's in Branson, KC, and Williamsburg, I just hope this RI is as good.


Again, I know a RI is no Camelback, but at least i know what I am getting, and getting it for a whole lot less.  My new Marriott Gift card would not come close to covering what the cost would have been at Camelback, but it will at the RI!