Loyal to MR forever.....

Discussion created by smack99 on Jan 4, 2012
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Happy New Year!  Would like to take a moment to share a wonderful Marriott Rewards experience with everyone.  I have been a very loyal MR member for over a decade and most years have achieved Platinum status.  Due to job changes in 2011 I did not make the number of nights requirement in order to maintain that status.  In fact, I ended the year with 48 paid nights.  Although I tried to at least hit 50 to ensure at least Gold it simply was not in the cards.  Last week, in the mail, I received a packet from Marriott Rewards informing me that because of my loyalty they renewed me for 2012 at Platinum.  I anticipate a great deal of business travel this year and being Platinum status helps out a great deal.  I just want everyone to know how appreciative I am of the outstanding service that Marriott continues to provide and them going above and beyond.  No company is perfect, however I have always been a very loyal Marriott person and with this latest gesture can ensure they have my business for life.  I realize there are options out there but in today's world of horrible customer service I am very thankful and very happy to be a loyal fan!