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The end of Marriott Gift Cheques...and the Gold/Plat discount that goes with them?

Question asked by imagrits on Dec 28, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by lmaddox

Have heard from 2 different CS agents that the Marriott Gift Cheques are ending as of 12-31-2011, and will be replaced with a Marriott Gift Card. I don't particularly care for that idea, but could live with it.  However, they also said that the points cost of 135,000 for Plat and Gold will also be ending, and will now be 190K for all members, regardless of status.


Three major issues with this: (if true)

1) another Platinum benefit lost

2) another instance where Marriott is making a change in the program without announcement

3) this represents a 40% increase in this "cost"!


I always order a set of these at the end of each year, and have previously been incorrectly advised that the program was "ending" on 12-31.  I hope this is the case again, but sadly, based on MR's recent treatment of the program, have concerns.


Has anyone else heard this, or seen it confirmed anywhere?