Rita P - - a model of SPIRIT TO SERVE !!

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I travel often to Sacramento.  In that large community, there are many hotel choices and over the years, I have become familiar with the Market.  While I have stayed at many hotel brands, I settled on the Marriott companies many years ago.  For most of my time in Sacramento, I stayed at the Marriott Hotel or the Courtyard Marriott.  I enjoyed the comfort and design of the hotels, but I found them uninviting.  About three years ago, I had an opportunity to stay at the Fairfield Inn brand in Rancho Cordova due to a Full House at my preferred Courtyard.   During that stay, I noted the exceptional clientele, the good condition of the hotel, and I was impressed with the genuinely positive attitudes of the staff.


I started to choose that FFI location in my subsequent stays in Sacramento.  I like the availablility of the business services, and the actual hotel location was appropriate to my work.  However, the staff service continued to impress me. 


One young associate has always been especially thoughtful, helpful, resourceful, and engaging and I have twice mentioned her in my Marriott Surveys.  While the Manager Kathy M and the Sales Manager have each been quite helpful to me, I have consistently returned to that location with the expectation that Rita P would be there to greet me and answer my mundane questions, or assist me with small problems.  It was her willingness to help and her sincere conversation that made my repeated visits there positive.  I have decided to make a nomination for Rita because I want the Company to acknowledge her good work, and I want her to know that her direct, honest conversations made my visits pleasant. 


Rita P is the reason I have stayed at the FFI RC consistently.  Her good service is why I have probably provided twenty-five days (?) of patronage at that hotel.  I am almost certain that I am not the only recurrent patron of the FFI RC because of Rita P, but I can state absolutely that she is the reason I stay there. 


So I am so pleased to nominate Rita P for the Spirit To Serve award - she has demonstrated that spirit for as long as I have had the pleasure of interacting with this Marriott associate.