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My most memorable New Year's Eve was?

Question asked by anadyr on Dec 29, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2011 by jerrycoin

1970s.jpgMine was as an inexperienced Army Second Lieutenant with orders to Vietnam, and also a temporary member of the Officer's Club at Bolling AFB in Washington DC. I was finishing training at Fort Holabird at that time.


Snowed heavily that last night of 1969 but they had a ten dollar per person special at the club that included food and drinks, including dinner and breakfast at one am.  As an O-1, I was lucky enough to get the "Any 2nd Lt." parking space in front of the club's door, right next to the Air Force Chief of Staff's space. My date and danced, got slightly tipsy. and toasted the arrival of 1970, the new year..


It was a great start to the decade


Anyone else recall a special New Years, anywhere in the world?