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Discussion created by pingreeman on Dec 27, 2011
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JC, Jasper, SS, NU, Tryt, and the CM all lamented in a recent post to have threads in chronological order (see: Putting a "Maximum" amount on post responses, then Vol. 2).

This post will be my last post in hopes that as I leave the MRI community, I leave on a high note by sharing another tidbit of Marriott-related knowledge with my colleagues and friends.


Below are two screen shots showing the "standard" view (aka "Threaded") and the "chronological" view (aka "Flat"). The number squares indicate time-stamp order. In the first view, JC replied directly to SS and as such, his post comes before Tryt's post of several hours earlier. In the second view, the posts have been reordered (and BTW, numbered just before the "Re: . . . .") in time-stamp order. The default style (Threaded) of organization is very painful when multiple replies to different postings are within a single discussion. HOWEVER ====> a solution exists.


Threaded Post.gif                         Flat Thread.gif


If you prefer the latter, chronological view, here is how to set it up as your default:

Navigate via your username hyperlink to get to the hyperlink "Edit Preferences":

Edit Preferences 2.gif

Halfway down the left-side of the page is where you choose your settings (Flat for chronological):

Flat or Threaded.gif


Peace! - Karl, aka PGM, pingreeman, or most recently, pain in the $@!%