How do I tag content?

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Add Topic-Specific Tags

Whenever you share content with the Insiders community, you have the option to add tags to your content. You will find the space to enter tags just below the space where you have composed your post or other content.


Very Important! Please note that if any single tag contains more than one word, the words need to be connected with an underscore mark. The correct way to tag "Long Island" is therefore "Long_Island." If you do not use an underscore, the search engine with interpret "Long" and "Island" as two different tags.




Add Tags for Specific Marriott Locations

If your content is about a specific property, please add that exact location tag where it says "Type in a location". Note: This Location tag is required for all posts in the Destinations Topic area, but please add this tag whenever you discuss a specific property.


  1. Type the city or state of a specific property
  2. Select the appropriate location from the list of matching locations
  3. Select the corresponding Brands within that location (This box only appears if you complete step 2)
  4. Select the specific Hotel name
  5. Click Add Tags
  6. Your location tag will then appear with your post


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