I came across an error or a bug with this site, what should I do?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Dec 21, 2011

If you encounter an error message or some unexpected behavior, we'd like to hear about it! We're actively monitoring the site and its features but your information is critical to a quick resolution for errors or bugs.


Please send as many of the following details as possible in a direct message to the communitymanagers:

  • The exact URL of the post, thread or message where you encounters the error
  • Date and time of the error
  • What were you doing before you encountered the error?
  • What was the error message?
  • What did you do after you saw the error?
  • What was the final result and what is the expected behavior?


All of this information helps us replicate the issue so we can then troubleshoot exactly when, where and why a problem occurs. Thanks for your help!