How can I vote on an Idea?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Dec 19, 2011

“Ideas” are available within limited sections of the community as they are not designed to be discussions. The easiest way to browse existing ideas is to click the “ideas” link in the grey navigation bar where you’ll see ideas from throughout the site.


You must be signed in to actually vote on an idea, by clicking the up or down arrow below the idea's title. Depending upon the status of an idea, you may not be able to vote for an idea. Ideas with the following statuses may be voted on; active, acknowledged, future consideration, in progress, or under review. When you vote on an idea, we'll assign points to the idea. For example, a vote in favor of the idea (up arrow) could give it 1 point, while a vote against the idea (down arrow) could give it -1 points. You can vote up or down as many times as you want; your last vote is saved until you change it and your vote counts only once.




You can vote on an idea from several locations

  • The Activity stream - click Preview on the idea item to see the voting arrows.
  • The Communications stream - click Show Full Preview on the idea item to see the voting arrows.
  • The idea's page - browse for an idea and clicking on the Ideas link in the navigation bar.


Voting is only enabled for an idea based upon it's status

StatusVoting Enabled
In ProgressYES
Under ReviewYES
Already Offered-
Coming Soon-
Future Consideration-
Unable to Pursue-

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