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Multiple Names on One Account

Question asked by asorum on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by shoeman1000

This might have been discussed here before, but it would really help to have my spouse added to my Marriott Rewards account. We work for different organizations and can often coordinate our travel. As conferences are hosted in Anchorage, we can usually get one of the nearby Marriott properties to match the costs of the host hotel. Paying for the room is often via a purchase order and when it's in the wrong person's name, it's hard to get credit for making the extra effort to stay with a Marriott property.


The ability to add my spouse's name to my rewards account would allow me to stay at a Marriott more often. I tried talking to customer service about this, but was placed on terminal hold. I think this would be a plus for the program. Is anyone from Marriott willing to look into the idea?