Why do Marriott close down 'hot' topics?

Discussion created by chrisf on Dec 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2012 by communitymanagers

Do you recall the '2nd class citizen discussion?  Well ... a Community Manager closed it down!!


It is interesting that Lauren suggested that Andy would link up to arrange a UK / Europe discussion group ... guess what? ... nothing happened. 


I have stayed silent on this topic for some time, hoping that something proactive would be driven by Marriott!  Lauren, it is only useful stating that Marriott appreciate "frank feedback" if you act on it.  There has been a lot of "twaddle' regarding why Marriott cannot deliver the same terms as the USA Visa card in the UK/Europe.  I am still struggling to understand the rationale ... surely Marriott own the points / stays, so could add them as part of the CC deal?  Why is it down to the CC provider to offer them?  Am I being simple here?


Don't get me wrong, I am still an avid Marriott supporter and believe the value at the hotels is better than most of the competitors ... but if you want me to use a Marriott Master Card, you need to come up with a better deal!  At the moment this seems like playing a game of poker ... I am betting that there is a better deal that you can do.  Until you offer it, you can keep the Master Card and I'll stay with Virgin Atlantic Visa.


How many of you have 'folded'?