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HI all,

I had an unexpected experience this afternoon that reminded me of many previous and similar ones. I had planned to visit Westminster Abbey for the umpteenth time.  It has always struck me as a museum, but as a medieval historian that's not bad.  However, as I got there near 3 it was only open for services.  I hurriedly put away my camera, agreed when told I must stay at least an hour, and went in.  I have to say it was my best experience of Westminster Abbey by far, even though I'm Catholic.  I've done the same elsewhere -- Christmas in Notre-Dame in Paris; Pentecost in the Duomo in Florence, etc.  And I have always gone (when possible) to services in synagogues and mosques that are very old historical buildings.  I certainly feel the religious atmosphere in all, but there's a wonderful aspect to tourism that revolves around mostly just sitting in such a place and taking it in.  In the Abbey I was facing the north transept rose window, which was beautiful.  And the chorale was amazing.