How can I create a photo album?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Dec 16, 2011

Wherever you are in the community, you can quickly create a new photo album to conveniently group and view related photos.



Step 1: Create a photo album

  1. Click the down arrow next to Create and then select Photo album
  2. In the box that says, "where would you like to...", type the name of the Topic or Group where your new album should reside (Destinations, Marriott Rewards or Community Suggestions)
  3. Enter a clear title and description for your photo album (in step 2 you can add captions for each photo)

Step 2: Add photos to your new album

  1. Click the "add photos to this gallery" link
  2. Browse your computer to select each photo individually and enter a corresponding caption
    • To add additional images, click add another and repeat step 6
  3. When you have selected your photos, click publish to upload your photos


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