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Paris CE or Place Vendome feedback please

Question asked by shoelessj on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by gemprincess

OK, first time on board and the format is a bit confusing but hopefully I am in the right place. My wife and I are traveling to Paris for 5 nights beginning in May and I want to use Marriot points. Have done a great deal of research and have tentatively booked the Marriott CE which requires an 80 E upcharge and the Place Vendome Ren which is available for no additional upcharge. Understand that the PVen rooms are small but that it is in an excellent location. My initial thought was to go with CE as it seemed the 'flashier' property and my wife has not been to Paris (my travels here have been very limited and years ago).  However, after reading some mixed reviews (here and on other sites) on CE am probably now leaning to the PVen and using the 500 dollars on dining etc. Without beating a dead horse I would really appreciate some current comments as to what informed posters would recommend given this circumstance. Thanks in advance.


ps. really enjoyed the Marriott Hilton point program comparison on this site. I primarily use Hilton (Diamond) and am a lowly Marriott Silver but have experienced some of the 'stronger' Marriott point value in making resv. for this trip.