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At Year's End

Question asked by anadyr on Dec 11, 2011
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I know there are a few more days left in 2011, but this year has gone by very fast for me.


  • I ended my term as a MR Ambassador in the Spring
  • I saw the reinvention of the MRI site in the Fall
  • The SF Giants did not even make the playoffs, and
  • I won a 100 dollars in the Courtyard challenge!
  • Guru status earned with off-topic postings might be there on my list if I were not so humble.




But this is a question for all of you out there:  If you all had to compare your experience with Marriott Hotels over the last year, and it visual as in a volume type slider control where would the slider be? 


My answer is as follows:  At the slider's midpoint I'd be saying that I was not happy and not mad with my experiences, that I was on the fence, as it were, Moving it to the right, toward Marriott, I'd be more inclined to say that the year has been a favorable one for me in terms of stays,  Moving it left toward me would suggest that I am less happy with the Marriott experience.


Here's why I voted this way:


I have met some really fine Marriott associates this year, people with the spirit to serve.  I have gotten many upgrades, most without asking and appreciated every one of them.  The Platinum Premier help line has been a great help when (in only a few cases) I needed a question answered or a problem solved.  On the negative side I have noted an almost universal lack of acknowledgment of Platinum or Platinum Premier status when checking in.  On at least one trip I had to ask for the 500 points and was grudgingly given them,  I have lost a lot of faith in the Marriott Marquis in NYC, one of the flagship hotels in the US.  I may not give them my business next time, in favor of the  57.


Overall I am slightly more favorable toward Marriott, but honestly, less than last year (2010).  How about you all?


PS--you can't move the slider, this is only a JPG file.