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Discussion created by salvatore on Dec 7, 2011
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I have been so frustrated with this e-certificate program where you stay four times you get 2 nights at a Cat 4 hotel.


I used to be able to use these e-certificates for 2 bedroom suites at Residence INN by paying $40 extra per night, now that has been completely eliminated.  Also, I find when you call the 1-800 line they are very rude, even when I ask them if the program of paying a difference has been changed they just answer it never existed, but I have done this as recently as a month ago and they still answer impossible.  It seems that the rules for points and e-certificates change daily and/or depending who answers the phone.  No consistency.  Very very disappointed and frustrating.


Mr. Bill Marriott, I would love it if one day you would pretend to be an Elite client and try to use the Marriott points or free nights to book a room.  I am sure you would find many gaps in the way agents are trained.


I find the agents are becoming extremely  rude over the phone.  I am at the point where I might use the points in my account and move my business to Hilton.