Article on Social Media with Reference to Marriott

Discussion created by tryt53 on Dec 7, 2011
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Interesting article from May about the impacts, both negative and positive, of social media on the travel industry.  I noticed that the article refers to the Marriott Rewards Insider site, but I think that was before the V3 of the site?  I noticed another interesting thing about Twitter and the quick response it got from Marriott when a problem was tweeted (definitely not the way I would have escalated the problem).  I am one of the probably few, who does use Twitter to my advantage, and thought a few others might like to read about a benefit from it.  We have used it for about a year when we found the construction that we have to drive through every day (for a 1 1/2 year project), was going to start tweeting the status of the work.  In the last year we have been able to monitor when things were going to happen (like what areas are getting paved that morning and what alternate route would keep you from sitting in line for 30 minutes, or when they had hit a water line and how long it would be before we had water again.  Once, when we couldn't get any answer to the phone messages we left twice, after a couple of days we tweeted the question and got 2 responses within an hour.  Social Media is going to be part of our lives, and businesses have seen that they have to use it to compete with the rest of the world.


The part about tweeting a problem to Marriott International was not a path I would have taken, unless all other routes had failed, but the Twitter feeds can have a valid use.