MR Insiders site: fundamental weakness

Discussion created by arkwright on Dec 7, 2011
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As I read the endless flow of complaints on this site - some repeated (upgrades, points loss etc), some of a newer currency (the UK/European VISA debacle) - I find it increasingly difficult to avoid reaching the conclusion that these are not issues I should be reading about on a website dedicated to travel-related matters. This is not to say that, in many cases, they are not valid (I've contributed myself to some of the arguments), but that:


a)     they are more properly the concern of a "Customer Service" or, if more fundamental, "Customer Relations" department - with its own dedicated, resourced site.


b)     if they were steered to a dedicated site of this type, staffed by people with a training and knowledge resource related specifically to handling this type of issue, the likelihood is that the issues themselves would be resolved (or at least better handled) and that site users would be more satisfied, more often.


The problem with the present arrangement is that too many grievances are being brought for resolution to a site which is arguably neither designed  nor resourced for that purpose. It is reasonable to expect that fellow travellers might be able to help each in certain respects, but not where the issue relates to Marriott, or individual hotel, policy, procedure and/or performance. We cannot be expected to stand proxy for  the Marriott organisation on issues that are outwith our information/competence


The result is that those with grievances get increasingly irritated with the lack of response from MRI; those who wish to read and learn about travel prospects rather than personal issues get frustrated; and lastly - in all fairness - the MRI staff must get more than a little disturbed about increasingly being expected  to play a role - i.e. Customer Service - that is, I presume, at best a very small part of their job specification 


If there is any logic to these thoughts, the resolution must surely lie in creating a dedicated Customer Service site; then in specifying very clearly the routes to it, and likely outcomes from it.


At the moment, we have a confusion of functions leading to a mismatch of expectations.