MR Premier VISA - Ka-CHING!!!

Discussion created by ssindc on Dec 5, 2011
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OK, so - after agonizing over it for a while, I finally took the plunge and began the transition from my long-held Marriott Rewards Signature VISA to the Premier VISA.  See here for helpful analysis from the community: ...  With trips to London and Bangkok before the end of the year, the foreign transaction fee waiver is a blessing.


But I just completed my first full-month cycle with the new card, received the bill, and noticed that my points had been dumped into my MR account. Ka-CHING!!! What caught my attention was the level of complexity/detail due to the various multipliers (most of which, of course, are on top of the MR points earned for the stays).  My November VISA statement - and, of course, my MR online account - breaks out my points awarded as follows:


Points from Marriott Hotel purchases .... (two nights)

Points from Renaissance purchases .... (only 1 night)

Points from Residence Inn purchases .... (only 1 night)

Points from SpringHill Suites purchases .... (only 1 night)

Points from Air, Rental Car, Dining purchases ....

Points earned from other purchases ....

Points transferred to Marriott ... [a bunch!]


It's starting to sink in that, combining Platinum status and the Premier VISA, I'm raking in 20 points per dollar spent at most Marriott properties (although it's only, what, 12.5 percent at Residence Inn).  That's 10 points per dollar for MR, 50 percent Elite bonus (or 5 points), and 5 points for Premier VISA....  I probably already knew that, but I hadn't stopped to think about it. (Duh.)


Travelling with the kids, the points won't go to waste.  To the extent the kids are increasingly spoiled (by category 7 and 8 hotels, and now, the Ritz Carlton), every point counts. 


The bottom line remains: Marriott has earned - and continues to reward - my (and my family's) loyalty.....