Hands off or hands on?

Discussion created by anadyr on Dec 5, 2011
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Monday, Monday


I guess I am in a minority of MRI contributors who see this site as one that Marriott and Marriott Rewards created and allow it to run itself without much if any interference from them.  If they wanted to directly moderate the site they would have by now.  Jive and formerly Liveworld did most of the checking and zapping (I was zapped on both sites once or twice for offensive -- in their lexicon comments).


So, I guess the site is what we collectively make it to be: no more or no less.  We'll always have very relevant and very irrelevant (in the eyes of the posters) posts. From time to time the MR personnel will weigh in but very infrequently, to assess or correct something.  Overall, we write what we want, and within the limits of the site's rules, get them posted right away.


I find that the site has much less value as a travel related site than a chat room, where the focus is whatever we want it to be.  Is there a solution?  Probably not within the structure of MRI. Are there alternatives?  Sure,there are bloggers for every topic in the world you can imagine and some you can't.  Is there a need to jump ship and head for the blogosphere, as some have suggested?  Jury is still out on that IMHO.


I am leaning toward moving on, if that's a confusing enough comment.


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