How about a counter for best answers?

Discussion created by pingreeman on Dec 4, 2011
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In the last day or so, there have been a few posts regarding "cleaning up the chatter" aka, non-Marriott-related content. We've also been guilty of having "too much fun" with reaching Guru or Jedi status for participation meters. However, it's time to move on to making the MRI site a "go-to first" site when asking or seeking information about the Marriott Experience. So here is what I would like to propose:


Instead of a "participation meter" how about a "best answer" meter analogous to a "top reviewer" on Amazon who gets tagged with "most relevant answer?" After all, this is a site that has an abundance of MR experts and road warriors who know Marriott inside and out and who are most capable of addressing most, if not all, of any questions ever posed on this site.


Egos aside on participation meters, I would rather boost my ego by having the most "best answers" or "best reviews" (when the hotel review functionality is enabled) where a "real contribution to the site" was accomplished and acknowledge through the eyes of MRI members rather than some computer program counting the number of name-associated posts I created. To take this concept an addition step, I would advocate that any post marked without the question check-box selected (many are in fact questions but have not been checked as such) be monitored by stewards or CMs who could have special privileges to turn the discussion, blog, etc. into question-enabled post so that a "best answer" can be enabled. Lastly, some questions go for weeks or months without a "best answer" or "answered" result (see We Could Use Your Help in Marking Open Questions as Answered) and I would be in favor of the stewards and CMs to make judgement on the best answer if the post goes beyond 30 days without such designation. What better incentive is there to boost egos that to have a rating of "most best answers?"


PS - I know we have the "Like" feature, but sometimes this is "abused" and offers less of a measure of good content. For example, one person can mark a post and every reply with a "like" which can quickly run a long post to the top of "most liked," but with only one best answer, this is more controlled and useful in measuring a persons contribution.