Late Checkout Granted - was it my PP Status or Name Recognition?

Discussion created by pingreeman on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2011 by jerrycoin

This morning, I approached the front desk with a late checkout request; ironically, another guest and friend were asking about a late checkout. I'm guessing about their MR status, but I have a fairly good feeling they are not elites (sometimes you can just tell). Anyway, they were told 1:30 PM versus the normal 12-noon. OK - so now here comes PP-status with expectations of an even later time. I did ask for late checkout, 3PM or longer, and mentioned my status, but no, same answer, 1:30 PM. Now I know there are lots of posts about late checkout (occupancy and upcoming reservations constraints, scheduling of maid service, etc.), but I was surprised my PP status didn't buy me more time, especially considering official check-ins begin at 3:00 PM. <TIMEOUT - turn this into a poll!>


I have to update this discussion already because as I was typing, my room phone rang and it was the front desk saying that I could have up to 3:00 PM. The desk clerk had talked to the GM about my request. I guess having stayed here for the last 7 weeks or 30 nights, either my name rang a bell with the GM or he noticed my PP status!


During the brief time this was a poll, the GM called my room and asked if I was fine with the later checkout time. So I asked what was the deciding factor - status or name or other? Anyone care to venture a guess?


The takeaway, however, is that customer service won out in this scenario.