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any advice on having complaints heard/addressed? My last two attempts to have some major problems addressed seems to have fallen on deaf ears.


Earlier year, we had the misfortune of being in Egypt during the revolution. While Marriott certainly is not responsible for that, they did have some responsibilty for the hotel not accepting the credit card we already had on file, having armed tourist police standing with employees demanding cash payment even after the hotel ATMs were out of money and being extorted by employees to take us to a working ATM ($50 usd).  After complaining to Marriott customer care, i was promised a room upgrade next time I stayed at the hotel.  Seriously? I never was even able to get the nights stay credited.


This past weekend we decided to try the new AC property in Venice, where they seemed openly hostile to my Marriott status.  When I asked if a room upgrade was available, I was told in a rather rude and loud way that they were available if I paid for them, but I was being put in the room I paid for.  After not being offered the arrival gift, I asked about it and was told they'd been there long before Marriott, this didn't really address this issue but showed they did not seem to care for their new affiliation.  I was also denied late checkout.  Since we weren't able to checkout late, we left our bags with the desk.  Upon returning to claim them, we gave the ticket to the gentleman at the desk.  Then we waited about 20 minutes.  When I asked if it would be much longer, he pretended he had no idea what i was talking about.  I had to lean over the counter and point at the bag ticket I had given him. He them said he'd call his collegue. After waiting 30 more minutes for the bellman come and get the bags from the room 10 feet away, we missed the train. I again called Marriott Rewards customer care.  I was told they'd contact the property, as it was new and basically I should have expected problems and Venetians are just like that. Other than the fact I've stayed at other hotels in Venice and never had and issue with 'italian attitude' (not to mention I'm married to one), I don't really expect much in the way of resolution.


For the record, the hotel in Venice is stunningly beautiful. It very close to the Orto vaporetto stop and backs up to the lagoon looking out to Murano.  Its in more of a residential, less touristy part so there are great neighborhood resturants that actually rely on REPEAT business instead of serving **** to one time tourists. Its a quick walk to all the tourists sites or easy to access by boat/public transport. The small base room was very nice and clean and lovely itself.  The hotel physically is great and location perfect.  If they get the kinks worked out and the front desk staff is a little less hostile it would be a wonderful place.