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Room Upgrades

Question asked by franktafl on Nov 30, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2011 by franktafl

Does anyone (Platinum) have to call and request a room upgrade?  I stay in a couple of properties on a regular basis and I don't need to ask for an upgrade but when I am at a property that I don't frequently stay, I call for upgrades and I almost feel embarassed!


Sometimes I get the "I will need to ask my manager" responses, sometimes I get "we're pretty full tonight", and sometimes I just get "no" but sometimes I get "Yes, since you are a platimum member".


One time I was told that I was upgraded to Concierge level but they did it as a favor since I was platimum and they really didn't need to and it was not "required".


Anyone else have these problems?  Discuss.