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Spain or Dubai?

Question asked by kchandler on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by reezewahab

My husband and I are talking about a trip this spring.  We have talked about going to Dubai for years but will probably bring the kids along.  We noticed there have been a lot of new properties added in Spain with the AC acquisition.  If anyone has stayed at Marriott properties in both locations, please let us know your thoughts, especially if you've travelled in April/May?  Any particular hotels that come highly recommended?  Not sure if Spain will be warm enough or if Dubai will already be too hot?  What things should we be aware of traveling in each location with children ages 10 and 3?  We like to keep a family travel blog to talk about the locations we've been and have gone to either.  We've traveled a ton through Asia and always felt safe but not quite sure of a trip to Dubai.