November 30th gridlock at LHR?

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According to the Wall Street Journal London's Heathrow airport might be a place to avoid in a few days:


"International airlines are taking steps to avoid "gridlock" at London's Heathrow Airport on Nov. 30, rebooking passengers and considering cancellations because of a planned strike by U.K. immigration staff.

Airport operator BAA on Friday took the unusual step of requesting carriers at the world's busiest international airport to fly with half-full planes and warned of delays of up to 12 hours in processing incoming passengers.

Airlines are continuing to meet with BAA officials ahead of the planned strike by U.K. public-sector workers that includes border-control officers at Heathrow and other airports.


Most are offering fee-free flight changes, with some considering cancellations to avoid the risk of long delays or being forced to divert services to other airports."