New Orleans Springhill Suites

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On our recent visit to New Orleans, we stayed at both the JW Marriott (wonderful and I have previously reviewed) and the Springhill Suites (not so wonderful). I wanted to get a taste of both locations/properties and booked us into the Springhill Suites for our first three nights in NOL. Our train from DC was 3 hours late making us arrive at the hotel after 11PM. The first room we were given was unacceptable to me and they did accommodate us by moving us to another room. This SHS was just refurbished over the summer and so it has a fresh, updated, clean feel. Most of the rooms, unfortunately, face an inner courtyard and, for me. it felt somewhat claustrophobic. The rooms themselves feel spacious. The big problem is the housekeeping. On our first morning after arriving I placed the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on until we left at 11AM when it was removed. When we returned in the evening our room had not been serviced. The front desk insinuated that it was our fault by leaving the 'DND' sign on the door. I said it had been removed. Then I was told that I should have phoned the desk to inform them that I had removed the sign when I left. Hmmm. I ALWAYS put the DND sign on the door in the morning and always remove it upon leaving for the day and have NEVER experienced such a problem before. So, okay, the next morning I DO phone the desk when we are leaving as well as remove the sign from the door. Lo, and behold, upon returning later that day, again THERE HAD BEEN NO SERVICING!!!! The room was clean on our original check-in so I can't say that they don't do a good job when someone checks out, but, their regular day-to-day servicing is unsatisfactory and communications between the front desk and housekeeping are questionable. Apparently the maids only make one pass by the rooms and don't return to check the status later. All I care about is trash dumping and dry, clean towels, but we had to call every time after returning to the hotel.