FRO fighting, the TRAXO way

Discussion created by anadyr on Nov 23, 2011
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Recently I posted the bad news that faked hotel reviews (FRO's) are everywhere, and now that Marriott is going to put customer reviews on the web at its site it's interesting to see how the fakers (the bad guys that is) will react. As in the history of criminology, the crooks immediately react to or in some cases anticipate law enforcement methods to apprehend them, and the cycle goes on and on and on, with the upper hand being lost and gained on a minute to minute basis.


As this article mentions, the issue is one of validating that the reviewer has actually stayed at the location where he or she is reviewing.  TRAXO does something to assist in this by querying FF and Hotel Loyalty programs (with the permission of the member) to see if a stay is anticipated and then recorded.


However, fake reviews will continue to be a fact of life, In my opinion, and something that we'll have to live with for as long as there are ways to post them,