Kudos to the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

Discussion created by tryt53 on Nov 21, 2011
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Just finished spending my first night at this hotel, and give it a thumbs up.  This is an older hotel that has been kept up or renovated recently, and while the rooms are not as large as many of the newer hotels, they are nicely done.  I must say if you are acrophobic, you might not want to even try going out on the balcony.  We were upgraded to the Concierge Level with a view of the river, which is on the 15th floor.  The bad part about the room is the balcony, which is about the width of the double slider door, but only about 2 feet deep, really.  So if 2 people are on the balcony, they can't get past each other.  You can see how people who have a fear of heights would really have a problem with that.  The Marriott would would have given us a suite upgrade, but the suites were already all filled.


Checkin was OK, but they got us confused with someone else and asked if we had booked with Expedia, and I mentioned we were Platinum and had booked directly with Marriott.  After that they mentioned that the suites were filled up, but they had us on the Concierge Level with a view of the river.  They didn't ask us what we wanted for our arrival gift, and didn't mention that at all (more about that later).  Everyone was very polite.  They also were going through a little renovation in the lobby and restaurant, so they told us they had the Concierge Lounge open for the weekend.  The room had a nice warm comfortable feeling, but I wouldn't rate it as exceptional for a Marriott.  The heated pool and whirlpool are salt water, and that was a new one for me.  We actually liked it and found it relaxing and soothing.  Very therapeutic!


The hotel is located in a nice location, right downtown, with a lot of good eating places and bars and entertainment within close walks.


When we got ready to checkout, I asked why we hadn't been asked about our welcome gift and they looked on my account and said that someone had just put the points on my account.  I mentioned that the T & C for Platinum members says that we are to be asked for our preference and there is a guaranteed compensation of $100.  The checkin clerk (Shanna, I believe) was very nice about it, and said I was right.  She asked if I would like 2,000 points instead, to which I replied I would rather have the gift card or credit, and she had me wait for a minute while she got the manager on duty, Lora.  Lora was very apologetic and didn't make me feel at all like I was inconveniencing her by asking.  She went in the back room and came back with a $100 bill, which surprised me.  She also said that i would receive the 500 points still because I was supposed to have at least that.  I told her how much I appreciated the way she and the clerk handled the error on the spot, so nicely, and I would definitely come back and stay at this hotel again.  I realize people make mistakes, but when it is brought to someone's attention and it is handled so nicely, you can't help but appreciate them.


I think that the management will have a training session with the front desk, from this incident, which is what should happen.  The hope is that this may help drive Platinum Level customers getting that extra litle attention that is deserved at checkin, and during their stay.


Overall, I have to give a big Kudos to the great way, and their attitude, in handling this, and I will stay there again, for sure.