Heads up or heads down?

Discussion created by anadyr on Nov 21, 2011
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A recent $40,000 invoiced rental car included a HUD (Head's Up Display) in which the speed, direction, Bluetooth menu and the price of soybeans (not actually but it could be added) at the lower driver's side of the windshield.  One of many amenities that came with the car and apparently amused valet parkers no end!  This technology was developed by the USAF for its pilots as I recall.


In NYC recently I was amused (as an old person can be) by the near total fascination of walkers (and some drivers amazingly) to be gazing down at their cell or smart phones while crossing the streets of Manhattan.  I guess they have mastered the art of not paying attention or making eye contact with anyone else.  This heads down approach has replaced the lpoud talking into an earpiece mode that I saw last year on these same streets.


So if we ever doubted that the revolution is here, we were wrong.  Everyone is now gazing at their screens, perhaps reading, but always texting, and enjoying the simple pleasure of being an island in a sea of humanity.  Let's hope that cell service never goes down, cause folks might have to speak with each other if it does!