Fairfield Inn in Southbend IN- great property & great customer service - upgrade to a suite w/out requesting it

Discussion created by jmeyers on Nov 19, 2011
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I wanted to give props to the Fairfield Inn in Southbend IN. I stayed there this past week and had a great experience.

A little background on me:

In August of this year I started traveling for work. I cover a 3 state territory in the midwest and drive for 85-90% of my travel. When I get to a hotel I am usually coming in off a 2-4 hour or more drive and want nothing more than to check in and relax. I am also in the middle of a MR Platinum challenge and currently have Platinum status (on pace to meet the challenge within 60-70 days, not the 90 days the challenege allows for)


I got to the Fairfield inn in South Bend, IN at 11PM and checked in with no issues. The property is a new property (less than 2 years old if I'm not mistaken). The person who checked me in was very nice as were a couple other hotel staff I encountered between checking and getting to my room. When I got to my room I was pleasantly surprised that I was given a King suite when I booked a King room and had not asked for an upgrade as I was only going to be there for the one, very quick, night. The suite had modern furniture, updated decor, and two flat screen tvs - one in the sleeping area and one in the living room area along with the couch & desk. The bathroom was also very nice with an excellent, large glass wall/door shower and granite countertops. Really the only thing that was different than the Marriott resort properties was that there were plastic cups in the room and not glass. The breakfast area was also very modern and the breakfast was awesome. The breakfast section had nice dark wood tables and chairs, flat screen on the wall and a fireplace. There were also a lot of different reading material available. All in all it is a great property and is definitely going to be my go to property for my trips to the South Bend market


In the morning as I went down for breakfast it dawned on me that the person who checked me in did not offer me the Platinum arrival gift. Being newer to Platinum status as well as getting in at 11 PM and being in the car for 3 1/2 hours I was not thinking about it when I checked in. I mentioned it to the person at the front desk on my way back to my room after breakfast. The person I spoke to offered to give me the points or the free food amenity. When I broguth up the fact that the policy states they are supposed to give me $25 because I was not offered the arrival gift she was not aware of the policy. Where the excellent customer service came in is that instead of arguing with me or trying to get out of paying the $25 she simply told me she needed to check with the manager and would call me within 10 minutes. About 3-4 minutes after I got to my room she called to tell me someone was on there way to my room with a $25 gift card. Needless to say I was super happy that I didn't need to argue and pull up the web page with the policy to get the payment as I have read in several other peoples accounts of their experiences.


I am very happy from end to end with the Fairfield Inn in Southbend and am looking forward to staying there during my travels to that market. I wanted to share my experiences with everyone as I think it's important to share both the good and bad experiences we encounter at our stays at Marriott properties