Getting really fed up with non posting of points

Discussion created by platinumstar on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2012 by alrenaissance

What is wrong with the Marriott system of posting points when you have completed a stay and why are there so many inconsistences? I get endless wrong amounts of points, sometimes, especillay with European stays I am given the value of points by my Euro spend instead of the 10 per US dollar, or I dont get my Platinum 500 points (and 1000 from Ritz Carlton), or I simply dont get posted anything at all, or sometimes weeks later. Yet how can some properties manage to post your points the day after you check out and others take ages and ages? In these days of computerization, I would expect everything to be automated, not to have to wait for staff to post them. I stayed last Friday at the Renaissance Dusselforf (a dump), and got my points the next day EXCEPT the 1000 bonus points for the room promotion they were running were missing, so I had to call Marriott rewards and it was then sorted out after they in turn contacted the hotel. So, having had the basic points the day after, why have I not been credited with the points for my stay from the Renaissance Bochum last Saturday? There is no consistency with Marriott reward points being credited and its about time that Marriott did something about it, after all, it must make the rewards team busy all day long trying to get members points credited and you have to go through the whole thing of faxing or emailing a copy of the bill to the rewards team. It is now a job in itself just trying to keep tabs on what you are entitled to!