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Question asked by jpmurrays on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by gemprincess

New here and researching:


Family Vacation to St. Kitts, February 2012 


Seems as if Marriott Rewards

  • does allow me to add St. Kitts to Dream Vacations (achieved)
  • does not allow me to book rooms using my Rewards Points
  • does not offer "all inclusive" packages at this time
  • does not allow me to add details to St. Kitts for favorite destinations


My way of thinking is if I start inquiring to Marriott now, some sort of offer will come about before February 2012.  So I'm thinking "Marriott Insiders" might have already posted on this topic a hundred times, and I will begin my research.  Thank you for any direction or input you might help me with.