My Favorite Way To Navigate MRI

Discussion created by pingreeman on Nov 3, 2011
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Everyone has their own preferences for visiting MRI and how they move about, but I thought I would share my favorite way to navigate to make certain I am catching all the posts and polls, etc.


SETUP DEFAULT (optional):

The first thing to do is to set your personal preferences for your landing page. This way, when you log into MRI, this is the page to which you default upon. To do so, click on your username (top right of any page) to open your profile. In the bottom-right is an "Actions" section. Choose the Edit preferences as shown:

Edit Preferences.gif


The next window that opens allows you to set your "Landing Page" to which "Activity" is selected and saved. Landing Page.gif




Next time you log in, you will start within the Activity view. Now that the setup defaults are complete, here is how I navigate:



Depending how long it has been since I last logged in will determine how far I need to scroll to get to where only new items since my last log in are displayed. I know when I have scrolled throuh all the new items when I see the following line across the activity page:

End of New Updates.gif

Sometimes, there has been so much activity on the MRI that I will need to display even more items. To do so, I click on the appropriate command:

Load More Items.gif which will open additional pages until I finally get to the END OF NEW UPDATES shown across the page. Using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, the key is to having the "Right-Click to Open link in new tab" that will open the post into a new tab accross the top of your monitor screen. For example, assume this is a post I want to read that appears in the recent activity:

Right-Click Open in New Tab.gif which should look like this (Chrome version): Tabs accross page.gif


Once I have opened all the interesting stuff into new tabs, I simply go to the top of my browser where all the tabs are and open one-by-one to read, comment, or whatever. The small "X" in each tab closes the tab. Once all closed, I know I've completed my interests. I completely log out of MRI so that the next time I log back in, I default to the Activity page, and scroll through to the END OF NEW UPDATES repeating the process. Good news is I only see stuff that is new since last logging in to MRI.



Doing this type of navigation on the Activity page, one can see that off to the right is several icons and commands.

Whos Posted.gif

EXPAND: if you see this (not always there), this means there have been multiple posts within this activity since your last log in. Clicking the expand will display only those new posts since your last log in to which you can reply or like.

PREVIEW: choosing this command will display the original post and content (in case you wish to review what all the hub-bub is about).

AVATARS: these display members that have posted AND following. Members not being followed will not display their avatar.



Unfortunately, this method of navigation displays not only the new activity (posts) but also all the new members who have joined which, IMO, clutters up the display and makes this style of navigation more difficult than it should be. I have a recommendation in to the CM to add a third tab that is post activity only such as:

Activity Tab.gif