Marriott vs Hilton Point Value

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Many MRI members have alluded to point value comparisons between Marriott and Hilton. So, now the question is what are points worth when cashing in on hotel rooms? Part 1 is found here for gift cards and merchandise: Marriott vs Hilton Point Value


The below analysis makes the following assumptions:

  1. A one week's stay for 07/15/2012 through 07/21/2012 (an attempt to capture "high season" in most geographical locations listed)
  2. Metropolitan areas were chosen solely based on largest populations, USA & Europe that have BOTH Hilton and Marriott availability
  3. You have "no idea" what is the best hotel in the metro area, so you rely on Tripadvisor reviews to select your venue (normally, go to MRI and ask for a recommendations; however, to be more "statistically unbiased", I opted simply to accept Tripadvisor ratings as the driver)
  4. You rely on Tripadvisor's hotel rankings/reviews starting with the highest rated venue for the brand that ===>
    • MUST be available on points (venue must have availability) or the venue is omitted from consideration, and
    • Has the option of paying cash, and
    • Willing to take the lowest priced room type available for points redemption (and its cash equivalent)
  5. Some prices were in Euros and BPS; conversion to USD as of 10/28/11
  6. Room rates only - no taxes or additional fees calculated or estimated


RESULTS: It takes 2.64 Hilton points to equate to a Marriott point. 173.03 Hilton points buys $1 of Hilton rooms whereas 65.54 Marriott points buys $1 of Marriott rooms.

Note on rank: in the first line, a -3 appears as Rank before the highest rated Marriott property; this means that three Hilton properties ranked higher than the best Marriott, yielding a corresponding 3 in the Rank column by the Hilton property. In other words, Tripadvisor ranks three Hilton properties ahead of the best Marriott property subject to the conditions specified, bove.

Marriott vs Hilton Points 2.gif