I need a compass

Discussion created by anadyr on Oct 21, 2011
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compass.jpgUS Army Infantry School, Fort Benning GA, April 1969. I am quite lost in the Georgia woods leading my platoon in what must have seemed like concentric circles.  My compass was shattered, mostly my fault, from hitting the ground to avoid being seen by "enemy" patrols roaming the woods.


I used my wits (or lack of them) and located some landmarks to get us out of that morass, and found this to be a good teaching point for later in my short (three year) military career.


Now with Insiders I am lost without a compass, but I see some landmarks that will help me.  Perhaps the best one is to always post in Destinations, or to avoid getting lost in other topic areas.


If the Insider site won't customize I will make it my own through selective posting and reading.